Terrorism is being manufactured by Investigative Agencies: APCR Seminar

bareilly seminar mainA seminar on Towards Terror Free India was conducted in  Bareilly by Association for Protection of Civil Rights UP West Chapter on 16th August 2015.

The workshop started with the introductory words of Mr. Ahmed Aziz, President APCR UP West. Introducing APCR, Kashif Ahmed Faraz, Asst. National Coordinator, stated that Association for Protection of Civil Rights is committed to the protection of society from violation of human rights, Illegal detentions, custodial deaths, fake encounters, false cases on the behest of political exigencies, unprovoked firing on demonstrators etc. APCR conducts training workshops on criminal law and human rights issues, investigates in to the cases of human rights’ violations, undertakes cases of public interests with a view to bring about a comprehensive change in criminal justice system, addresses issues of prisoner rights, keeps a watch over law making process to make positive intervention, involves in awareness of general masses and initiates campaigns on various socio-legal issues.
barSuhail KK (Director, Quill Foundation) in his presentation established with documental evidences that the investigation and intelligence agencies are involved in manufacturing terrorists by four means. One, by infiltrating targeted communities like Muslims, dalits and adivasis with informers and tracing the radical elemants inside the community. These agents then instigate and facilitate the radical youths to commit a terror act. Just before committing the act or after execution, the police dramatically arrests the ‘terrorist’. This fact has been established by various investigative reports. The other method of manufacturing includes framing the informer himself, incarcerating innocent youths and extracting confessional statements, and labeling a known criminal as a terrorist if he is a from the targeted community.

Advocate sohaib, President – Rihayi Manch Lucknow, in his key note address stated that Muslims are mostly responsible for their backwardness. The community can only uplift itself by empowering through practicing Islam, education, Civil rights protection and awareness of low.

Abdullah Azzam (Formar President AMUSU), Zakir Riyaz( Research Fellow, Jamia Millia Islamia) spoke in the seminar. Fawaz Shaheen anchored and Innamullah islahi presided over the seminar. Mushfique ( Secretary, APCR UP west) was the organiser.

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