Socio-legal awareness workshop held by APCR Delhi chapter

(March 3,  2013): A Socio-legal Awareness Workshop was organised by Delhi State APCR Chapter at D-317, Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi.

President APCR Delhi, Mr. Anwar delivered welcome address, in which he explained the present situation of democracy and our responsibilities at this time.

AbuBkar Sabbaq, Assistant National Coordinator in his speech on ‘ Introduction of APCR and objectives of the Workshop’ gone through the social challenges which led to the establishment of APCR, a brief history of APCR with its aims and objectives, how our Criminal Justice System working, and through this workshop how we could help the needy to get justice with the help of Socio Legal Workers, one of the basic aims of the APCR.

Mr. Abdul Waheed, President JIH Delhi State, delivered his speech on ‘ Defending Civil & Human Rights and Islam’ said about the importance and teaching of Islam about Human and Civil Rights specially at the time when there was not a single Declaration or Convention on Human Rights etc. in compare to these days where there are so many Declarations and Conventions are present, there are too much national and international organizations like UNO etc. to defend the Civil and Human Rights offences.

Justice Rajinder Sachar, speaking on the topic of ‘Establishment of Justice and Protection of Civil Rights in India- Present Scenario’ focused on the injustice in country is prevailing from a long time, to depress from the Fundamental Rights earlier TADA than POTA and now UAPA act like draconian laws have been enacted always on the name to protect the interest of citizens and nation but always it becomes more dark and exploitative and violative to Human and Civil Rights, now we have to protect our constitutional rights in democratic way, it should be noted that not to racist against injustice is also a contribution to injustice.
Our constitution is guaranteed all kind of protection and safety but its only failure of our governments which are unable to implement it.

Advocate Tahiwar Pathan of Aurangabad High Court Bench, on ‘Understanding Criminal Justice System in India with reference to Police Station, Jail, Court, F.I.R., and Arrest System’ explained the whole phenomena and how a socio legal worker should go in this to provide legal assistance and aware the community on large.

Advocate Firoz Khan Ghazi, delivered his speech on ‘Illegal Detention? Tools you should use’ in detail.

Senior Advocate Supreme Court, Mr. Mehmood Pracha emphasised on ‘UAPA Cases- Guidelines for Advocates and Para Legal Activists’ in reference of those cases in which he is appearing in various courts of different states, with deep legal knowledge and experiences.
Mr. Intezar Nayeem, Asst. Secretary JIH, had a speech on ‘Using RTI Act 2005 to defend civil rights.

Syed Akhlaq Ahmad, National Coordinator and Delhi State Secretary of APCR delivered his speech in detail on ‘Working with APCR, some guidelines’ in which he appealed to all activists to participate in APCR activities will all dedications, as this cause needed.

More than 200 activists of APCR from Delhi and some parts of western Uttar Pradesh participated in the workshop.

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