Socio-Legal Awareness workshop held at Bhajanpura, East Delhi

Socio-Legal Awareness workshop held at Bhajanpura, East Delhi


New Delhi, 9th Nov. Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) Delhi Chapter conducted a district level introductory socio-legal workshop at Bhajanpura,East Delhi on 9th Nov 2014, in order to create awareness about human and civil rights and to embolden people for being civil rights defender.

Addressing on Establishments of Justice in India and Our Role, Syed Akhlaq Ahmed(National Coordinator & Secretary of Delhi Chapter ) opined that the constitution of India ensures justice, equality and liberty to all but rarely practiced. All the pillars of democracy are weakening day by day.We have four pillars of democracy legislature, executive, judiciary, press; and numerous commissions for the protection of human rights/Civil Rights of the minorities, SC/ST, women and children for establishing justice and equality. Millions of funds has been allocated and spent to run this machinery but it rarely work as it was expected.

Legislature is hardening draconian laws like UAPA in the name of so called security legislations which is used to crush public dissent. He further stated that from different reports it is evident that a good number of Police officers and media organization are acting on the behest of their political/corporate bosses and playing corrupt and communal role throughout the nation.

Commenting on judiciary he expressed that Judiciary which is supposed to be the last ray of hope for justice for any Indian is no exception. Corruption, prejudice, biasness and pendency of the cases reported in the media are worsening the situation and faith in judiciary is weakening day by day.

“Being a responsible citizen of India, it’s our responsibility to struggle for the helpless and victims for justice. APCR prepares and train you how to play a vigorous role to ensure justice in this scenario”, said Mr. Syed Akhlaq.

Introducing APCR, Kashif Ahmed Faraz, Asst. National Coordinator of APCR stated that Association for Protection of Civil Rights is committed to the protection of society from violation of human rights, Illegal detentions, custodial deaths, fake encounters, false cases on the behest of political exigencies, unprovoked firing on demonstrators, criminal negligence of officials and public servants at the time of natural and manmade calamities. APCR conducts training workshops on criminal law and human rights issues, investigates in to the cases of human rights’ violations, undertakes cases of public interests with a view to bring about a comprehensive change in criminal justice system, addresses issues of prisoners rights, keeps a watch over law making process to make positive intervention, involves in awareness of general masses and initiates campaigns on various socio-legal issues.


He urged audience to become part of APCR in the struggle of justice and told that network of APCR is spread over the length and breadth of the country. It is also working as a support group for the organizations and movements committed for the promotion of Justice and Equity in India.”

APCR east Delhi Convener Rais Ahmad concluded the workshop.

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