Reports by Other Groups

1. Clouds of Injustice Bhopal Disaster 20 years on by Amnesty International

2. Close Encounters- A Reports on Police Shoot Outs in Delhi-2004 by PUCL

3. Fact Finding Report on Salwa Judum-2007 in Bastar Chattisgarh by IAPL

4. Framed, Damned and Acquitted-Dossiers of a Very Special Cell by JTSA

5. Human Rights in India by ACHR 2009

6. The State of Human Rights in India in 2012 by AHRC

7. Human Rights Watch Report-2010

8. Human Rights, Terrorism and Security Laws in India 2006

9. Nobody’s Children: Juveniles of Conflict Affected District of India by ACHR

10. Amendments to Criminal Law: Justice Verma Report-2012

11. Kashmir Half Widow, Half Wife: APDP Report-2011

12. Alleged Perpetrators – Stories of Impunity in Jammu and Kashmir

13. Kashmir Shopian Mass Rape and Murder Report-2009: Independent Women’s Initiative for Justice

14. Law Commission on Media Trial-2006

15. Librahan Commission Report on Babri Masjid Demolition

16. Maharashtra Dhule Riots-2013 Fact Finding Report: ANHAD

17. Millenium Development Goals Report-2014: UN

18. Mishra Comission Report on Minorities-I

19. Mishra Comission Report on Minorities-II

20. Nanavati Commission Report On Sikh Massacre 1984

21. Working Group of NIC: To Study on Reports of the Riot-2007

22. Neemesh Commission Report on Khalid Mujahid & Tariq Qasmi

23. Paid News: Press Council Sub-Committee Report 2010

24. People’s Tribunal on POTA 2004 and Other Security Legislation

25. Police Killing in Rural Andhra Pradesh-1992 by HRW

26. A Study of Socio-Economic Profile & Rehabilitation Needs of Muslims in Maharashtra Prsion-2011 by Dr. Vijay Raghavan & Ms. Roshni Nair

27. Mecca Masjid Blast Case of Hyderabad-2007 Report by Ravi Chandran

28. Report by Justice Hegde-2013 on Manipur Killings

29. Reports on Attacks on Christians in Kandhmal-2008

30. Sachar Committee Report-2006

31. Sachar Committee Report Recommendation wise

32. Status of Sachar Committee Report Recommendation 2013

33. The “Anti Nationals”-Arbitrary Detention & Torture of Terrorism Suspects in India-2011: Report by HRW

34. Torture and Impunity in India by Peoples Watch-2008

35. Shri Krishna Commission Report on Mumbai Killings 1993

36. Report of Review Committee 2005 on Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), 1958

37. Report on Gujarat Carnage -Crime Against Humanity Volume-1: by Concerned Citizen Tribunal

38. Report on Gujarat Carnage -Crime Against Humanity Volume-2: by Concerned Citizen Tribunal

39. Report on Gujarat Carnage -Crime Against Humanity Volume-3: by Concerned Citizen Tribunal

40. Prison Statistics of India-2013 By NCRB

41. Shri Krishna Commission Report on Mumbai Communal Violence: Volume-I

42. Shri Krishna Commission Report on Mumbai Communal Violence: Volume-II

43. Shri Krishna Commission Report on Mumbai Communal Violence: ATR by Government

44. Accountability for Mass Violence Examining the State Record by CES

45. Bhagalpur-Bihar Riot 1989 report by PUDR

46. Crime In Iindia 2013-Report by NCRB