Nanded APCR Unit launched

(27 January, 2013): On 27th January 2013, Nanded Unit of APCR in Maharashtra launched at Hotel Nirmal Palace, in a Seminar on ‘SOCIO LEGAL AWARENESS’ in which a good number of Advocates and Legal Experts participated.
Advocate Areebuddin gone through the present condition of the Muslim community in India at present, focused on the duties and responsibilities of Muslims and how to face the challenges, the community facing right now.
Dr. Tariq Qazi, Coordinator of Maharashtra Chapter, introduced with APCR, its aims and objectives, way of work to establish a society with justice, working within the frame work of the Constitution of India, to provide justice to those innocent youths implicated falsely with terror charges, APCR is always tried to provide legal aid and guidance who can’t make any access to Criminal Justice System of our country through the Seminars and Workshops for legal awareness.
Today our investigation agencies first illegally arresting Muslim youth, later with cruel and third degree torture, they are taking confessional statements by them and implicating them without any facts.
How ATS Maharashtra kidnapped many Muslim youths and illegally detained them in various torture homes but due to lack of legal knowledge their parents and relatives failed to complain and file habeas carpus on time, which led to more sufferings for both victims and their families along with large bad impact on the whole community.
Advoacte Khizar Patel also addressed the seminar, emphasised on UAPA with new amendments with how and why it is a great threat for the citizens specially for Muslim community, and large chances of its dark provisions to be used against Muslims, and how it will be very easy for police agencies to detain any person only on the ground of doubts only.