Mohd. Aamir Honored by APCR

Mohd. Aamir Honored by APCR


New Delhi, 20/9/20012). Mohd. Aamir Khan, released innocent after 14 yrs of detention in 17 terror related cases, honored with a Cheq of worth Rs 5,00,000 (Five Lakh Rupees only ) for the rehabilitation purpose in a ceremony organized by Association for Protection of Civil Rights(APCR).The Cheq handed over  to him by President of JIH Syed Jalaluddin Umari.

Mohd. Aamir S/O Late Mohd. Hashim resident of Kishanganj Azad Market Delhi-6 was arrested by Delhi Police on 20 Feb-1998 from Azad Market and implicated in 17 cases of Bomb Blasts in Delhi,U.P.& Haryana .After 14 years of horrific detention he was released on 9 January,2012 as innocent. In this long period of struggle he lost his father and his mother also got paralyzed .After release he is trying to restart his life with new enthusiasm. APCR joined his hands with this financial support in this struggle.

“With 2000 volunteers in ten States APCR is trying to strengthen Civil & Human rights making a strong network of Para legal workers and busy in Awareness Campaigns, Protests, Symposiums, Seminars, Fact Findings, Legal & Financial Aid, Legal help and Guidance, Public interest Litigations etc throughout the country since its formation in 2006.” said AkhlaqAhmad,Coordinator, Association for protection of Civil Rights(APCR).”After meeting with Mohd. Aamir APCR  with some other individuals they helped Aamir with some 30,000(Thirty thousand Rupees ) already but they felt that this was not enough for his family so they decided to honor this amount” He added.

Adv N.D.Pancholi counsel for Mohd.  Amir said, “There are a large number of poor families whose bread owners are in jail facing fabricated cases since a long time but nobody is supporting their families. Its urgent need of the hour to support these families at all level.”He congratulated APCR for its effort.

Adv. Firoz khan ghazi narrated the whole story of the fight for the justice to Mohd. Aamir in the court.

Addressing the gathering Moh dAamir thanked APCR and JIH for supporting his family and expected that the community will help all those who are suffering with the same situations.

President JIH Syed Jalaluddin Umari appreciated the efforts of APCR to protect civil rights in the country and briefed the movement of JIH against the minority witch-hunting by the state in the name of counter terrorism.

Rupees Two Lakh more for Mohd. Aamir as rehabilitation support by APCR


January 07,2013,APCR Headquarters-Association for Protection of Civil Rights(APCR) honored Mohd.  Amir (The youth released innocent after 14 yrs of Detention implicated in terror related cases in Delhi ) with Rs 2,00,000 (Two lakh rupees only) in addition to Rs 5,00,000(Five Lakh Rupees only) which was given in a honor ceremony in Delhi as rehabilitation support on 20-09-2012.

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