Fact Finding Report of July 6 Police-Public Clash in Moradabad

Fact Finding Report of July 6 Police-Public Clash in Moradabad

July 6,2011 was a black day for residents of Asalat Nagar Wagah,Dingarpur,Nankar and Asadpur villages of Moradabad District situated 15-18 Kilometer South West direction from the District Headquarters.

News of alleged desecration of Holy Quran by police personnel’s during raid of the house at Asalat Nagar Wagah spread in the air and hurts the minds and soul of the Muslim minority concentrated area.As a result a chain of violence started from public to police resulting loss of  public and private properties,demolished communal harmony of the area,weaken the police-public relation with huge economic losses.Large number of policemen also injured in the violence including D.I.G of the area.Serious injuries to the juveniles caused by police bullet,arrest of 38 person’s including juveniles too,destruction of properties and Police atrocities on women,senior citizens and children seriously disturbed the peace of the area and developed psychological trauma in the villagers.Local Media continuously reported the police version of the entire episode.

Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) noted that a fact finding of the entire episode is needed to find out the circumstances which causes a huge losses to the minority community as well as the nation.Overall Findings of the team based on the interviews from the victims,relatives of the victims,Administration and Police personnel’s are listed below.

Overall Findings

1. Desecration of Quran has some truth.Noorjahan statement was witnessed by neighbors’ also. It was not only a rumor.

2. When this news spread villagers blocked the national highwaydemanding suspension of culprit police officials.

3. The fact is that first the mob jammed the main road and then attacked the police station as the administration failed to respond and console the hurt
of religious sentiments of the people and could not satisfy their demands.The DIG got information about the incident. He was arriving at Mainather
Police station but the mob stopped him on the way at Dingarpur village, Then DM of Moradabad who was also travelling with him, watching situation
out of control he returned to DistrictHeadquarters but DIG was caught in the scuffle. DIG opened fire against stone pelting of the villagers whichreportedly injured four youths including juveniles. Mob became more violent and attacked on police officials resulting serious injuries to D.I.G and

4. Police in reaction behaved like hired goons. They have destroyed and looted shops, beaten women, juveniles and did not spare the senior citizens also. These all acts of violence by the police are beyond the law of the land. The Police have registered fake F.I.Rs against villagers and have arrested mostly innocent peoples.

5. The violence has done severe damages to the local society and economy.

6. Villagers have been living in fear and the children have been the worst affected.

7. The police atrocities not been brought into limelight. Local media reported as mouthorgan of police officials.

8. No FIR has been lodged yet against the police. No action taken against those culprit police officials who initiated the entire episode resulting in loss of property, Business, Police-community relations, communal harmony and the peace in the district.

9. The DM is new and perhaps has done not enough study to understand the incident and it’s after effects on the local people. Nevertheless in our discussion we expected him to give us a brief account on the role of the administration in the given situation.The team did not find him as an
efficient administrator in this case.

10. The entire community in the nearby villages like Asalat Nagar Wagha,Dingarpur,Asadpur,Nankar etc. is living in constant fear of the police and
this fear has seriously affected their daily life, living and maintenance of family life. Children have been without food, without education and without
security for more than four weeks.Daily wage laborers and the farmers are the most affected.

Suggestions and Recommendations

1. U.P. government should take proper action against the culprit police officials as their illegal and irresponsible action initiated the entire episode, resulting in loss of property,business, damaged police-community relations, communal harmony and the peace in the district. The Police and the
local administration must be asked to submit their report in a time bound frame.

2. Withdrawal of all F.I.Rs and immediate release of innocent villagers should be initiated.

3. State Government should provide proper compensation to the affected villagers.

4. This case must be investigated by the National Human Rights Commission, National Commission of Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) and
National Commission for Women (NCW) and should take proper actions of Human Rights Violations.

5. Proper training must be provided to the police to deal with situations that can erupt due to hurt of religious sentiments & Police- community level
meeting should be scheduled with the help of community leader to strengthen police-public relations as soon as possible.

Members of the Fact Finding Team

Secretary Delhi Chapter-Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR)

RTI activist and Founding Editor, Beyond Headlines (www.beyondheadlines.in)

Sub-Editor, Bhaskar.com (Dainik Bhaskar Group)

Advocate, Moradabad District Court

Research Scholar, Monash University, Australia and Founder President of Initiative for Nationalism,
Secularism and Affirmative Action Network (INSAAN), Delhi

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