Fact finding by Karnataka chapter in Dharmapur, Tamilnadu

(November, 2012): A 5-member team including two journalists traveled to two villages of Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu brutally attacked by upper caste Hindu.

The village of Natham and Anna Nagar was visited and the destruction was very apparent and horrendous. The villages of lower caste (Schedule Caste) Hindus were attacked after a lower caste Hindu boy married an upper caste girl from a different village following which girl’s father committed suicide resulting into a fury among upper caste.

The team investigated the nature and significance of violence and found out that the attack on 300 houses were not just impulsive and unorganized rather it was a planned and organized act and even the police administration is implicit in this.

Many of the houses are turned into ashes leading no evidence that once there was a home. Many pakka houses were attacked by throwing petrol bomb. The destruction continued for 5 hours and police came 3 hours after the looting was over on Thursday 8th November, 2012.

Most of the houses have left nothing except tears and deep silence. Scooters, bikes, cycles all were burnt down. Cash and jewelry were looted and in some cases cash worth 2lakh were found burnt.

We must demand a fair investigation in this case by forming a special investigation team investigating the role of administration and police in this horrific act. Government should provide them a complete rehabilitation package until they get normal. There must be severe punishment for all those involved in this act at any level. The villagers are in immediate need of rehabilitation in form of Ration, basic assets, and cash and any form of help to rebuild there home. Basic furniture, bed, bed sheets, kitchen utensils must be provided to them immediately.

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