APCR Team Visited Riot affected areas of Assam

Assam Visit-BTAD Riots-Photos and Docs-03-08-12 to 06-08-12 - Copy

(August, 2012): Following news of ethnic cleansing of Muslim minorities by Bodos in the four districts of Bodo Administered Territory (Kokrajhar,Chirang,Udalgiri & Baska) of Assam since 15 days a two members national team of Association for Protection of Civil Rights comprised of Akhlaq Ahmad(Coordinator APCR) and Abubakar Sabbaq (Asst Coordinator APCR) visited violence affected districts of from 03-08-12 to 06-08-12.

The objectives of the visit there to initiate the process of the justice by legal intervention in a way that

  1. The Culprits could be punished as per the law.
  2. The victims could be compensated for the loss of life/ property.
  3. The demolished religious places could be rebuilt /compensated by the Government.
  4. The victims could be rehabilitated by the Government.

To obtain these objectives they had to initiate the process of

  1. Registration of F.I.R’S by the victims.
  2. Proper documentation of the loss of life & properties so that, it could be compensated by the government through the legal means if needed.
  3. Proper listing of the demolished religious places in the riot so that it could be rebuilt /compensated by the government through the legal means if needed.
  4. Proper listing of the refugees with their permanent addresses so that  can be properly rehabilitated by the government by legal means if needed.

With these objectives  they reached Assam on 03-08-12 by train. At the same day they had a meeting with Ameer-e-Halqa JIH Kifayatullah Sb,Convener of the relief committee Shams Sb and APCR state Convener Abdurrahman Sb. They briefed their purpose of the visit and asked support. Further they decided to contact the groups who were working with the same objectives. On the same day with help of APCR Assam convener Abdurrahman  they had a meeting with All Assam Muslim Student Union (AAMSU) President Abdur Rahim and A high Court Lawyer Adv Mukhlesur Rahman High Court Lawyer Advocate A.K.Talukdar and convince them to work on these lines They advised them to coordinate victims in filing of F.I.R’S to that the the criminal justice system could be started. They drew their attention to document each and every loss including religious places so that the grounds for a writ petition can be prepared for compensation.

Next day on 04-08-12 they had a meeting with the legal team of Badruddin Ajmal Group in a Lodge at Bilasipara ,Dhubri District headed by the Gen Secretary of  AIUDF Adv Ameenul Islam.This is a team of approx. 30 volunteers  of AIUDF having  ten lawyers practicing in Sessions& High Court of Assam.They had a three hours sessions there on F.I.R. registration process and the steps to get justice for the victims. One of the problems was that the victims were unable to file their application in their concerned Police Station due to the worst situation of violence in that area. So they decided to put political pressure on administration to register F.I.R’S in the Police Stations nearby the relief camps. That day they visited two relief camps also and helped the victims regarding filing of the F.I.R’S.

On 05-08-12 they had a meeting with Adv. Jamsher,Secretary Dhubri Bar Association & coordinator of legal relief team of AIUDF .They joined him to submit 1919 applications to register F.I.R’S in Bilasipara Police Station on behalf of the victims living in different relief camps of Dhubri district.S.H.O was not ready to receive these applications excusing the jurisdiction area.With intervention of Badruddin Ajmal Sb President AIUDF on phone S.P.ordered S.H.O.to receive the applications and give the receiving with D.D.Entry.Till the time 7000 F.I.R Applications filed in different police stations with receiving & D.D. Entry. About Twelve thousands F.I.R Applications were written and ready to file in different Police Stations. At the same day they with some members of this legal team visited Six relief camps in the Dhubri District and campaigned to fight legal battle against this injustice. People were ready so they distributed sample F.I.R Application copies and assign a Volunteer to write the Application in each camp.

On 06-08-2012 ,the fourth day of their visit they had a meeting with Adv. Mukhleshrrahman.This  team is working on Documentation They had a two hour session with this team on documentation and guided them with a Performa recording total losses. They also guided them each and every step of getting justice for the Victims. After this meeting they with Adv. Mukhlesurrahman visited two relief camps in Kokrajhar District and interviewed the victims. On 07-08-12 they returned do Delhi by Train.

Assam advocates meetings

Assam- Advs-Meet-27-9-12-Guwahati

APCR Assam organised meeting of intellectual and Advocates of Guwahati City to discuss ethnic clash between Muslim and Bodo Community of the 4 district of BTAD area of Lower Assam on 27th August 2012. This meeting was attended by various Minority and Secular Organisation. Everybody Express deep concerns on much human right violation for the roits of BTAD. The meeting agreed to provide legal assistant for the victims. The meeting was attended by more than 30 Advocates of the Guhati High Court. In this meeting a permanent legal team of APCR Assam was formed with 3 conveners – 1. Advocate Kayum 2. Advocate Amil Hussain and 3. Advocate Anwar Hussain. For this legal cell an adviser committee was formed with senior Advocate of the Gauhati High Court Mr. Abdul Muhib Mazumder, A. Bari Choudhury and Mr. H.R. Ahmed.

On 27th September 2012 a meeting of Advocates of Guhati High Court was held at Hotel Rihno, Silpukhuri Gauhati-3 at 8 p.m. by the legal cell of APCR Assam which was presided by Mr. Shafi Madani, In charge, Assam relief works and the Secretary, JIH. The meeting was organised to provide legal assistant to the victims of BTAD Riots Victims.
The meeting was addressed by Senior Advocate and Ex-Advocate General of Assam and Arunachal Abdul Mohib Mazumder and Senior Advocate and Member of Bar-Association of Gauhati High Court Mr. A.B. Choudhury.
On 3rd October, 2012, the two members Advocate teams consisting of Advocate Anwar Hussain and Advocate Akram Hussain was sent to Patacharkuchi Police Station under Barpeta District to release the 79 labours detained by ASSU BJP and other some organizations as Bangladeshi. But it was found that all of them were genuine Indian Citizens of Dhubri District. In this regard the O/C of the Police Station gave a written certificate of his Enquiry and facts finding. The team released all the 79 labours detain by the police Station.
On 27th and 28th October 2012, A two member Advocate team consisting of Advocate Anwar Hussain and Advocate Akram Hussain was sent to Bhawanipur Police Out Post under Barpeta Dist, where 67 labours were detained by ASSU BJP and other some organisation Alleging them. Our Advocate team inquire the matter and found them all Indian Citizens of various villages of Barpeta District. The In-Charge of Bhawanipur out post inform the team that all the labours has detained falsely and the In-Charge of the outpost gave then a written clearness certificate of the detained labour with their Address, released all the detained labours.
On 5th November 2012 APCR organized a fresh Conference at Gauhati Press Club regarding rehab of the refugee of BTAD area. This Press conference was attended by almost all the print and electronic Media of State and gave the full coverage of our views  with a great respect.
In BTAD area APCR filed almost 700 FIRs by name  against the accused  in their respective police station and outpost . Moreover another 1500 (approx) FIR were lodged collectively. For this purpose our APCR Team with some advocates visited three times riots effected areas of BTAB during September and October.

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