What We Do?



To train activists at grass root level from legal angle and to provide them basic information and knowledge about Fundamental rights, Human rights, Indian legal system, Criminal justice, Right to Information and how to strive for the cause of ensuring justice in India, APCR has been organizing training workshops throughout the nation.  It is one of the major and regular activities of APCR. Over a period of less than 4 years, APCR has conducted around 50 such workshops from Assam to Goa and from Bengal to Karnataka. These workshops are intends to create a national network of paralegal social activists, who can work as barefoot advocates.


In more than 13 states, chapters of national network of paralegal social activists have been already formed. Networking at District and local level is going on. At every state level, hundreds of activists are being trained and same is followed at district and local levels. By the end of this year, we are expecting to building to set up a permanent network of same across the nation.




To engage with academia, advocates, activists and other practitioners of human and civil rights, APCR, from its day of inception has been organizing seminar and symposia. These programs are meant to ponder over different aspects of various issues related to Human and Civil Rights. The Association keeps organizing a series of seminar and symposium on topics like, Police Reform, Judicial Accountability,  Role of Citizens in the Protection of Human and Civil Rights, Right to Information, Promotion of Human Rights in Contemporary situation, Communal Violence, etc in different parts of the Country. Details of some of these seminars, symposia and consultations are  as follows:



The Indian Judiciary plays an increasingly important role in the life and the governance of this country. However, anyone who has any experience of the courts is aware of the serious problems that beset the judicial system. The issue of judicial reforms has thus far been discussed in only elite legal/judicial circles or among various official commissions and committees of the government. For some time now there has been an increasing realization that this issue needs to be discussed outside these circles as well and common people of this country who are the real stakeholders of the system need to get involved in this issue.

APCR is engaging law experts and people in the discourse and discussion of judicial reform.



The history of recommendations for police reforms in India is over 100 years old. From the colonial period to post-independence to the present day, many commissions have been set up to recommend changes on a wide range of issues related to policing and police reform. In spite of their many recommendations, policing remains colonial in many respects and has not kept up with democratic ideals and current needs. APCR conducted many symposiums and seminars on police reform.



To create mass awareness and build public opinion on issues related to human and civil rights, APCR conducts a series on Public meeting and Campaign in different parts of the Country. In a short period of 6 years, APCR has been constantly campaigning on issues ranging from Fake Encounters, Custodial deaths, Communal Witch-Hunt, Illegal Detention to Draconian Laws and other forms of human and civil rights violations. APCR has been rigorously campaigning for the justice in the case of Batla House ‘Encounter’, Victims of Gujarat Carnage, Survivors of Bhopal Gas Tragedy, War on Tribals, Right to Food, Right to Education, etc. along with other concerned organizations and groups. Apart from campaign on such issues, APCR is also involved in general awareness on Fundamental Rights, Right to Information, public meetings, and awareness campaign across the nation.




One of the major activities of APCR is to send fact-finding teams to investigate the cases of human rights violations in different parts of India. In recent past, activists of APCR have conducted many fact findings. So far many fact finding visits has been conducted since July 08 in association with Peoples’ Union of Civil Liberties (PUCL), People’s Union of Democratic Rights (PUDR), Commitee for the Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP), Janhastakshep, People’s Union of Human Rights (PUHR) and All India Muslim Majlis-e- Mushawarat (AIMMM). The issues of fact findings range from Fake Encounters, Communal Aggression, and Communal Witch-Hunt to Violations of Prisoners’ Rights. The findings of the teams have been scientifically documented for both legal and extra-legal purposes. Reports of these fact finding visits has been widely carried out by mainstream media houses and proved as very important  source for interventions.



Since its inception, APCR is actively involved in the process of legal help and guidance in different parts of the country.